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Welcome to my unsafe space. I will share with you my hope and joy, misfortune and life lesson, my adventures inside out and outside in.



I’ve been reading a lot of philosophical books in a past few month, I have always been a big fan of spiritual, power of the universe.Well, you might say ‘hippy stuff’ but I actually got it from my deep root in Buddhism since I am from Thailand. 

Spirituality for me is nothing but to figure out the system inside yourself, like an inventor who looks inside a clock.

  What made you feel, think, speak or act this way, what is beyond your physical form. In our normal lives, we only care about ‘outside things’ money, career, being accepted or love from others, how you look, your possession. Our society does not make in the way that we can look into our selves, does not give us the time to be at peace with our selves. They said that “to survive is to struggle and to reach for what you don’t have…” 


 Yes, reading philosophy book does make you realize what is truly important to you. 
And I have come up with my own conclusion that

‘You world is the mirror of what inside you’

 Photo By  Adelaide Subtil

The life you lead, the love, the problem in your life are the outcome of the thing that filled up inside you. 

I’m telling you that it is always ‘how you react to what happens to you’ than ‘what happens to you’ that matters.

This has been repeated million times by many mentors and writers but …we as human still have ongoing problems.

And again, why? 

We know what brings us happiness
We know that it is not money, fame or possession
We know that we should depend on our self, not others for happiness.
We know all these guidelines, all these rules that if we follow we will reach true happiness. But we are still not happy…

Because we do not realize how much work, practice, and devotion we have to put in training our self from the inside. 

We don’t get result that we want because we just simply thought “Now I know, now I will be happy because I will keep reminding my self that happiness comes from the inside” 
Then you wake up and want to buy a new phone, then you get mad at how your lover doesn’t go on a trip with you, then you are mad at your day job, then you don’t like how you look tonight etc. 

Then you forgot. 
Then what you have learned about happiness is lost in the abyss once again.

 Photo By @Mingsociety 

Photo By @Mingsociety 

I wrote all of this from my own experience hahaha
but now I am on a path that I have fully committed to it.
I want to call this a “SELF CREATED HAPPINESS”

What is the most challenging and difficult about ‘Self-Created-Happiness’, is that it does take practice and determination as much as anything else that you want to succeed in life, maybe more than how hard you study for SAT, how hard you work out in months, how long you have prepared for the job interview. 

Let think about a singer who has to go sing in empty bars until they got notice, or an athlete who must run five miles every day, or what much a mother does to take care of her ill baby.

This ‘self-create happiness’ is your baby. Only if you truly care about it, only if you feed it every day by practice it, it will never grow.

But once it does grow, it will become your glory, your strength, and your love and you will be forever grateful because you will achieve the thing that we want most in this universe…Happiness.

Link to these three books I have read

1. Mastery by Robert Greene

2. Courage: The Joy of Living Dangerously by Osho

3. Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear

by Elizabeth Gilbert







My 13-Yr-Old Philosophy

My 13-Yr-Old Philosophy