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Welcome to my unsafe space. I will share with you my hope and joy, misfortune and life lesson, my adventures inside out and outside in.

ALASKA MIDNIGHT SUN ; the wolf I met

ALASKA MIDNIGHT SUN ; the wolf I met




ALASKA  MIDNIGHT SUN ; Ice Kayaking & Hiking Denali

“Why the hell are you guys going to Alaska?” 
“Why not”  I answered when asked about my trip. It surprised me why a lot of Americans think Alaska has nothing interesting.  Northern lights? The highest mountain in North America? Bears? Epic valley outlook of the hundreds mile of untouchable nature…BEARS? Dog sled??


Maybe I’m not a big fan of city life, I grew up in Bangkok before I moved to LA, maybe that is why I'm super excited about nature because I don’t get to be in it as much.

Anyway, we went to Bear Glacier in Seward which located south of Alaska.We booked an ice kayaking package with liquid adventure company.After we arrived at the boat harbor in Seward we then head off to work out our biceps in ice glacier.


The view was stunning and absolutely worth every dime. It’s one of the bucket lists that everyone should try. Here I have a video for you!!!

Funny story that wasn’t funny at all when it happened, I forgot my wallet and my friend’s wallet behind the log on the little island when I went to pee. Luckily, I drew the map of where I could be and they found it! got it back to us on the next day. Well, I do have a luck of a devil when it comes to my property, they always come back! 


After ice wonderland, we hiked up Denali National Park to bath in the sun. We went in the summer so Alaska has 22 hours of sunlight, the sun only went down from 1 am to 3 am. When people asked me how I feel about that odd time I said “It felt like you stuck in this relaxed afternoon dream forever”  the opposite of a nightmare, you can’t feel sad or bored, you always feel positive."


Mountain taught me about courage, I love hiking. The perseverance, hardship of being human always touched me and I see it in mother mountains. We met many animal friends on our way to the national park. Bears, Two Moose that block our way, Dall sheep, Caribou and artic squirrel. The only guy we missed here is the wolf! 



But I have a wolf in me, she is my spirit animal so I got this lovely pendant from this journey, reminding me there is always a mountain to hike, a road to go, a friend to meet and new great experiences, just have the heart of the wolf and be a traveller both physical and spiritual.   :)







The road goes ever on and on

I know that this look like an ordinary model blog+portfolio but…

I know that this look like an ordinary model blog+portfolio but…