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Welcome to my unsafe space. I will share with you my hope and joy, misfortune and life lesson, my adventures inside out and outside in.




Lately, I have realized that I should spend more time doing ‘meaningful thing’, now our younger generation’s lives are totally consumed by social media, newsfeed, online everything.  We spend our life looking to at window of a recorded- distorted pictures and sounds. It’s the new unreality that we truly accepted.

I’m not an old school that is complaining about technology, I am a millennial who grew up with computers, moviemaking. I’m a Tumblr girl and a total nerd who can use final cut, after effect and smash demons in Diablo II (in middle school).

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I’m talking about how this environment has fucked up people’s attention span. I see people becoming a voyeur and living through other people’s lives, watching these meaningless things that don’t lead you anywhere.


It made me think of Nihilism. I feel like our society is leading nowhere and down to the wasteland. But why should I feel sorry? It’s not an evil thing, to be comfortable with technologies and connections, but it is boring and pointless, that is my problem.

Actually, I was the victim of my choice. I consumed online-everything excessively and it made me take most thing for granted. I want everything faster, I want everything easier. I expected my life to be as easy as the online world and because the online world is so full of garbage I started to feel the urge to create more meaningless things, to join the team. I might already have… But I want to stop before it is too late.

So in my pursuit to do more meaningful things. I start hunting moments, I went to bookstores, weird events, meet up with people to feel the same way and go have some adventure together. It’s starting to become a circle and I realize why I was feeling unsatisfied before.


It is actually not the online content or the internet or anything.

My receptor of happiness was shortened because I was trained to have short attention span from the internet.


So it is not about finding the more meaningful contents, activities, things. It is to stop and look at thing longer and deeper until you see the true meaning of it. We use to consume thing considerately, we used to put more time in learning about others, crafting our work with a passion so we feel a deeper happiness because we take time to feel happy. We don’t want it in one second by clicks or likes.

My greatest fear is like one of Black Mirror’s episode, ‘to be a voyeur’ watching my own life washes away and not becoming anything meaningful. In truth, I don’t have to prove the world that I have to be someone at all. If my heart is full because I know how to see all the beauty that this world offers, that is enough.

Remember, it is not the food, it is how you consume it.



it is not the food,

it is how you consume it.

ALASKA MIDNIGHT SUN ; the wolf I met

ALASKA MIDNIGHT SUN ; the wolf I met